Weddings, Events and Doughnuts

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Fall and Winter season is full of holiday events, weddings and family gatherings. Candies, cookies, cakes and other delicious goodies like “DOUGHNUTS” will be some of the sweet treats to fill our bellies. Doughnuts in general are usually served as a breakfast meal or a tea time treat. However, many of our customers and friends are presenting our doughnuts in creative ways. Here is what we have to share!

Weddings and Doughnuts

Glazed Doughnuts at a wedding: Photograph by Yelp Customer

Wedding events and corporate events with doughnuts being served are becoming more popular than before. Doughnuts are simple, sweet, and the different options we have at Glaze are enticing.

Cakes are a must for any weddings, but doughnuts served at a wedding reception is a plus! We had the opportunity to work with several clients who wanted to think outside the box. From custom colors, to dipped doughnut holes, and offering smaller doughnut sizes is what we did for one of our customers on Yelp. Not only was it a fun process for us to develop, but we also enjoy seeing the end results!

The requested doughnuts were setup in a tiered display, allowing the guests to choose from a variety of options. Goodie bags were customized by the client themselves and they were big enough to hold each doughnut. At the end of the evening, the doughnuts were great compliments to a cup of tea or hot coffee. Hopefully this concept will inspire those who are interested in thinking outside of the box!

At Glaze, we welcome large orders for special and corporate events. For more information on large quantity orders, please email us at

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  • Hello. We’re getting married 30 May at Paiute Golf Course and are wondering if you guys are available for catering. Thank you!

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