Doughnut Flavors?

Have you seen our menu lately?

Don’t see a flavor or type of doughnut on our menu?

Leave us a message and you might see it listed on our monthly specials. We love to experiment with new ingredients and hear new ideas from our customers. Whether its a simple doughnut or a comforting type of doughnut, post a comment below or hash tag us on Instagram#glazedoughnutslv #glazedoughnuts

So get commenting below!

10 thoughts on “Doughnut Flavors?

  • Love, love, love the doughnuts, I am definitely a forever customer. Just one problem, you don’t make enough white cake, chocolate iced doughnuts. I have only been able to get one in the 4 times I have come now. Sooo disappointed, was told they don’t sell well but they must if I can’t get any!

    Hope you are here for a very long time, we need a doughnut shop in the neighborhood!

    • Hi Pam! Thanks for the feedback. Please let us know in advance and we can definitely reserve them for you! Call us at (702) 246-2888 for orders or large orders. 🙂 Thanks again for always stopping by, and we love being part of the neighborhood.

    • Hello Casey,

      Sorry for the late response. We are working on a Vegan doughnut. The first trials were not so tasty. Also, the process for making a vegan doughnut without contamination is a sensitive subject. That would likely be the only dairy free doughnut we will have. Keep looking out for it but one should be coming.

      Thank you for asking,
      Dominic S.
      Owner – Glaze Doughnuts

  • You were touted on MSN as being the best doughnut places in the state. I’m not saying that you don’t have a good customer base but some of us are visual people, probably a lot of work to show all of your flavors online but, it would probably go a long way on the interest factor in getting more customers in the store. Your rival Pink Box has pics of most of their flavors.

  • I’ve only been once….But, I didn’t recall seeing a mint flavor. Like “mint chocolate chip donut”…. I love my sweets to be minty so that would be fun!

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